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Interview mit Grupo Latin Vibe

Grupo Latin Vibe

Mit ihrem Hit La Llave hat Grupo Latin Vibe schlagartig den Salsa Vibe Sound wieder populr gemacht. 2007 erschien die mittlerweile dritte CD. Michael von Salsa-Berlin.de besuchte die Band 2007 in New York und sprach mit den beiden Band-Leadern Tommy Mattioli und Tito Hanibal Rivera.

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Michael: How came the idea to found a band like this in the tradition of names like Cal Tjader?

Beide: The musical souls/minds of Tito Rivera and Tommy Matiolli became one when they discovered that the truly were impressed with each others style and a respect grew for one another's talent. To that end they went on to create the unique style.

Tommy ergnzt: I'm addicted to playing the vibes and latin jazz is my favorite style to play. Cal Tjader and Tito Puente are the strongest influences for me in this vein.

Michael: I heard often from Salsa-bands that in these days it's very difficult to find a record label. Was it difficult for you to produce the 3 CDs.

Tito: Believe me it is quite difficult to obtain any label in this business. I truly believe it would have to have a financial guarantee from any career musical band to offer the recording corporations. The money that is put into GLV production is from savings and when the CDs are sold it is "recycled" into the next project. Allow me to say, that along the way, the fans who have become our strength have contributed their talents, from graphic artists and photographers. Tito and Tommy have developed a great trust in one another. The artistic freedom is not compromised at any price.

Tommy: We never searched for a label because we like to have artistic control of our music and with the internet a label doesn't seem as important.

Michael: On the one site your music sounds very jazzy - on the other side it's very danceable. That's a great art. You guys like dancing? When you write a song do you think about the dancers?

Tito: Every single note and beat is for the dancer/salero(a)s. The salsero enjoys sauve steps. At the same time it is our vision for those who enjoy the swing of our jazzy sound that a person could enjoy listening all the rhythms, even if they are listening while driving to their destination. Groovy isn't it. Yes, we are dancers. Many of our gigs our socials. It is important that our fans be informed that the members of GLV have been a great contributing factor to the interpretation of the arrangements. Carlito Velazquez (bass), William Paul (piano), Victor Rendon -timbales/percussionist, and Giancarlo Anderson (bongo/percussionist). As GLV would put we have fun playing, therefore there will be dancing.

Tommy: When I think of about a tune for GLV I think of about 3 main things: a melodic hook, a groove, and a tune that's fun to play, usually that makes for a danceable tune.

Michael: What means the term Salsa for you?

Tito: Salsa again is an easier term for all the combinations of the rhythms of mambo, son, guaracha, guaguanco, cha-cha-cha, bomba, plenas. Of course salsa (sauce) is the ingredient used in our cultural dishes to enhance the flavor for a tasty dish. Yes?

Tommy: As Tito Puente used to say "salsa is what you eat, mambo is what you dance. For convenience and marketing I use salsa to describe what is really mambo.

Michael: Eat and dance ... nice! Do you plan to make a tour through Europe?

Tito: A tour through Europe would be a dream come true. It has been difficult to organize. Everyone has requested our presence to perform. Wow this would be just so awesome. Financially it seems to be a problem. I'm sure soon that this dream will come true. It is the vision of all the musicians in GLV.

Tommy: I would dream to play all over Europe and the world, all we need is the money to get us there.

Beide: Well Michael, to that end GLV would like to thank you for your graciousness with your approach to reach us and beginning what could possibly be a dream come true. To this we thank you. Many blessings and regards to our European family. Keep the greatest music in the world alive. Without the DJs it couldn't be possible.

Michael: Thank you for the answers!

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