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Interview mit Jose Madeira von den Latin Giants Of Jazz

Latin Giants Of Jazz

Latin Giants Of Jazz haben den Mambo der Tito Puente Ära wieder aufleben lassen. Kein Wunder: Viele der Musiker der Giants haben schon damals m Tito Puente Orchestra mitgespielt. Anfang 2009 erschien eine sensationelle CD Baila Conmigo. Salsa-Berlin.de hatte die Gelegenheit zu einem Interview mit Band-Mitglied Jose Madeira.

Und unter unserer Rubrik CD des Monats findet Ihr eine CD-Besprechung des neuen La Excelencia Albums

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Michael: First my congratulations for this CD! How many musicians were involved in this big band project?

There were 26 musicians involved in the project.

Michael: How was this album produced? Were the musicians play all together like in a concert or did you use tracks for every instrument?

The album was done LIVE in studio; everyone playing at the same time and singing at the same time..........

Michael: How long did you need to record the album?

The album was recorded in three days.

Michael: There are some old songs on the album and some new composed. Who selected the old songs ... and are there any links between the selected songs.

The songs were selected by John Rodriguez, Sonny Bravo and Jose Madera; there are NO links among any of the tunes ... so all of the material on the CD was composed by different people.....

Michael: What is your favourite song of this album?

We don't have a favorite; they are all pretty good......

Michael: I saw the band performing 2007 in New York ( Midsummernight concerts at Lincoln Center). But the name there was Tito Puente's Orquesta. Is there are difference between the name in concerts and the name Latin Giants Of Jazz on the 3 albums?

The band has NEVER performed at the Lincoln Center Mid-Summer function; what you saw were a few musicians from the old Puente band with Tito Puente's oldest son Ronnie Puente attempting to play timbales....That band is in NO WAY the Latin Giants of Jazz in size, musicianship, musicians, repetoire, quality or performance. The Tito Puente band is the Tito Puente Band; the Latin Giants of Jazz is the Latin Giants of Jazz.

Michael: uhhps ... so we have two Bands with roots in the old Tito Puente Band ... but I saw some of the Latin Giants musicians at this concert on the stage ( like Johnny Rodriguez, Frankie Vazquez etc ... look at this video -->here :-) ... thank you very much for the interview!

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