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Salsa-Musiker: Montuno Swing

Herkunft: USA
Musikrichtung: Salsa Dura

Monuno Swing is a Salsa band that produces a big crisp sound. It's a combination is a collection of outstanding San Francisco Bay Area musicians hailing from Latin America and the US, with a sound that reflects their eclectic backgrounds. The collective brings together juicy trombone tunes, long-tickling piano solos, and clever percussion beats to send you spinning across the floor. Montuno Swing is not only a music lover’s gem, but also a dancer’s band. They give salseros a lot of structure for movement and groove.


Mehr Infos auf der WEB-Seite: http://www.montunoswing.com

Alle MP3 Downloads von Montuno Swing auf amazon: [»] hier

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